10 Pack- Round Nose Face Mask

10 Pack- Round Nose Face Mask

Domestic use mask description:

100% cotton, washable, reversible 2 layers, with an opening for your added filter material.


Round nose style with ear and adjustable head attachments for your comfort and secure attachment.  It has a steel nose wire and provides an excellent seal for most faces.


An instruction sheet is included with your order and can also be found HERE


A pattern for a filter is also included and can be found HERE


delivering to U.S.A. Only


Special pricing available for healthcare and other front-line workers and facilities upon request.

  • How To Wash

    How to Wash your mask: 

    For the best results, wash in the sink in hot-as-you-can-stand water with a little laundry, dish, or hand soap. Then hang dry. You may spray with any kind of clear alcohol at 65%  strength or higher to further disinfect, but it isn't necessary. The wire above the nose is meant to shape to your face for a good seal, so take good care that it doesn't twist or be crushed and kinked in the washing process. Press between a towel prior to hanging to dry and it should dry overnight. 


    If you must wash it in the washer and dryer for expediency, do so on the most delicate and short of cycles, and press the mask, if you are able. 


    This mask is meant for home use, and may not be suitable for commercial laundry processes like in a hospital or nursing home. If these masks are meant for a healthcare environment, please let us know and we will send adjustable cotton straps to switch out with the elastic.

  • Useful Links

    Here's an article written by a scientist explaining why wearing a mask helps to stop the spread of COVID-19. 

    Here's a video from Consumer Reports on how to wear a mask properly.


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